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as natural as breathing.

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How can HBOT help?

  • Tissue Healing
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Gut Inflammation
  • Brain Inflammation
  • Circulation
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Injury
  • Neuro Conditions
  • Wound Healing
  • Anti-Aging
  • Brain Injury
  • Detoxification

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       Meet our Hyperbarics Team!

HBOT Consultations

When you recieve your chamber, your first appointment will be with Dena Sabou, director of our clinic Hyperbaric program is a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your specific hyperbaric needs and questions. Schedule Consultation to get started today!

Medical Consultations

For those not currently working with a physician familiar with HBOT, Dr. Boggess offers phone consultations under select circumstances where patients with appropriate diagnosis can be under his supervision for prescription oxygen. Schedule Consultation

Delivery & Training

Education and ease of use sets our programs apart from all of our competition. For all local rental and purchases our installation expert John Verhines will come to your home to setup the chamber and walk you through the process of your first dive.


Generally speaking, it’s important to be able to evaluate an individual in the context of the most up-to-date literature and generally accepted standards for hyperbaric oxygen treatment to ensure the best outcomes. Please do not proceed with home therapy unless under the care and supervision of a knowledgeable clinician familiar with HBOT.


Why work with us?

As a medical practice that specializes in integrative medicine we know the science of hyperbaric oxygen. Join the Home Treatment Revolution “Portable Hyperbarics.” Natural Balance Hyperbarics, a subsidiary of Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center, has teamed up with OxyHealth to offer high quality and affordable rental and purchase programs for HBOT therapy in the home.

Our Approach

Ideally we rent and sell chambers to individuals who have been examined, diagnosed, and deemed in need of this type of therapy by a qualified clinician. Experience has taught that individuals gain most when HBOT therapy is combined with a physician’s hands-on protocols and expertise which means supervised therapy is always best.

Consumer Education

When it comes to renting and purchasing medical equipment it’s important to be well informed. Even if you are not a patient of our clinic, we are available to answer general questions about hyperbaric therapy and offer the same discounted new and/or gently used OxyHealth hyperbaric chambers that we provide to our own patients.

Our Pledge

Natural Balance pledges to maintain integrity and our commitment to the well-being of patients and patrons seeking our treatment and/or advice regarding:

  • The quality of the chamber we recommend
  • Recommendation for HBOT when medically indicated
  • Recommendation for HBOT when improvements are likely
  • Respecting the restrictions and regulatory policies of the FDA