Non-healing Wound:

After a spider bite and struggling for 3 years with an autoimmune disease which left me with 2 large non-healing sores on each leg, severe malnutrition, anemia and the need for frequent blood transfusions, I was on the verge of giving up. Then in 2012 I found Natural Balance and starting working with Dr. Boggess and his team after all the conventional medical stuff had been tried. I was still severely ill and weak and I needed a new approach to bring me around. Dr. Boggess ordered multiple tests taking a close look at my nutritional status. After 4 months of focused supplements, in-home hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and a far better understanding of what was behind my failing health, I have started to see remarkable improvements. Today, my legs are nearly fully healed, my weight is stable, and I haven’t needed iron infusions or blood transfusions for several months. Overall I feel so much more energy and better health! I am so thankful for the time and attention I received from everyone at Natural Balance Clinic. I would not be in my current state of recovery without them. The staff of this clinic, doctors, psychologist, nutritionist, and the hyperbarics team really work together to help people with difficult problems (like me) get to the root cause and heal!!! I would recommend them to anyone with complex problems that aren’t getting better with conventional treatments.

Jane H, Esq.(Law) - Ann Arbor, Michigan

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  • Autism – improved speech:

    Our son was diagnosed to be on Autism Spectrum when he was 4 1/2. We tried many biomedical interventions, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and various restrictive diets. Dr. Boggess suggested that hyperbaric therapy was the next reasonable step given multiple positive responses thus far. We rented a chamber from Natural Balance for 1 month and… read more

    Dr. Yvonne & a "very thankful family" - Westland, Michigan