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Hyperbaric Chamber Programs

Nationwide Rental Program

This program is available to anyone in the continental US! Provides an ideal opportunity to try a chamber before committing to the final purchase. Or, helps those with short-term need for a hyperbaric chamber to enjoy the quality and convenience of using one at home for a few months.

Nationwide (Rent to Own)

This Rental Program allows you to rent a Vitaeris 320 chamber on a monthly basis. Then if you decide to purchase, the deposit, shipping cost, and any monthly rental fees paid will be applied towards the purchase of your hyperbaric chamber. (with this option, no other discounts can be applied towards the purchase of your chamber.)

Local (Michigan) Rentals

This program is available exclusively to patients seen in our clinic: It is generally excepted that the most beneficial way to undergo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is to do so intensely over short time-frames. For example 2, 1 hour treatments daily for 30-60 days. Hence, our office makes this therapy available to patients via a home rental program. The unit fits easily in any home (as noted below) and is rented on a monthly basis with set up and home training.


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