Hyperbaric Chambers

The revolutionary design of the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber offers a safe and effective means of providing mild hyperbaria. Its unique design allows the mild hyperbaric chamber to easily fit in patients homes. This breakthrough allows physicians, clinics and wellness centers to offer economical and efficient Mild Hyperbaric Therapy in-house without the need to outsource the treatment.

Our chambers are second to none in quality of manufacturing, OxyHealth’s engineers have  produced a unique line of chambers that are the safest and most effective portable chambers available. The chambers are constructed with food grade materials to provide the absolute safest environment for you and your loved ones.  The line is completely portable and can even fit into two carry bags. Setup is quick and simple, In as little as 30 minutes, the chamber can be unpacked, tested and ready for treatment. With over 12,000 chambers in service today with a flawless safety record, these chambers truly are the best available.

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Attention to Detail

Safety is a very big concern and our chambers have been designed to be safe at first use as well as years down the line. Take a look at this video that walks through the attention to detail with an Oxyhealth chamber in comparison to a competitors chamber.


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